WhyWednesday: Moisture Matters

Why moisturize??

I think a lot of people wonder this and there are SO many reasons to do it aside from the fact that it just feels nice. No one wants cracked, dry, irritated skin, but there are other consequences of not moisturizing than discomfort. So, here’s the deal on why you need some added moisture on your skin, even if you’re not in a super dry climate (like me in Colorado).

Skin needs moisture to repair itself, so cells can turnover and expose new skin cells- especially on your face, because that skin turns over quicker and is more sensitive. Moisturizing helps keep the skin in balance- whether you’re naturally more dry, naturally more oily, or a combo, you need that moisture to have healthy skin.

Moisture is especially necessary after you shower, because hot water strips moisture and oils out of your skin, making it even drier. This is the hardest for me. I LOVE the hottest temperature possible for my showers. If it isn’t scalding my skin, I don’t want it. It is horrible for your skin and I know it. It’s such a hard habit to break, but this is my suggestion to start: keep your shower temperature hot for most of your shower, but at the end turn the temperature cooler and stand in it for a short time before you get out. This helps heal the skin slightly and maintain moisture after that hot water has damaged it.

Here are some more tips for moisturizing:

  • Drink water
  • Use alcohol-free soaps/detergents
  • Pat don’t rub skin to dry
  • Use a humidifier (especially in dry climates!)
  • Use sunscreen everyday (not just in the summer)
  • Keep moisturizer on you for after you wash your hands
  • Try not to use super hot water in shower (and use colder water at the end)
  • Apply moisturizer on damp skin to lock in the moisture- skin is more absorbent when wet (i.e. right out of the shower)


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